What is Riser Cable?

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Riser cable is cable that is ran between the floors in non plenum areas. They get their name because of the way riser cable is ran which is rising up to each floor. Riser cable is a buildings backbone that transmits data, audio and video signals.

Riser cable is also seen as CMR which stands for communications riser. CMR is the fire retardant rating on riser cable which gives it the ability to be put in the walls.

This type of cable is going to be the one majority of households install inside the walls of their homes. It can be ran floor to floor and also be used for general purposes like computer to switch, router and more. It is great for long runs which you want when you put in risers or walls because the majority of these cables are going to have solid conductors. Riser cable can connect to RJ45's and Keystone Jacks. The cable channel usually has riser cable connected to keystone jacks then from the jacks a patch cords is connected.

Riser cable is available in multiple categories. This ranges from Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat6a, Cat7a and Cat8. Each category has it's different capabilities and is meant for different speeds and applications. We dive deeper into each category through out our website and our blogs.


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