What Is Cat7 Cable?


A Category 7 cable, CAT7 for short, is used for Ethernet cabling. CAT7 cable can run up to 600MHz, making them a lot faster than CAT6 or CAT5 cables.

CAT7 cable is known best for having shielded twisted pairs, something that prevents noise during transmission. CAT7 is more expensive than its predecessors, but it is more durable, making it more worthwhile in the long run.

Because CAT7 has a larger copper core, it makes it more energy efficient and easier to work with. CAT7 are more flexible and expandable, making them great for wiring your homes with.

Cat7 cable specifications are:

  • Frequency: 600 MHz
  • Max data rate of 10G
  • Max channel length of 100m
  • Connect up to 4 connectors in channel
  • Shielded

At Infinity Cable Products, we offer the enhanced version of cat7 cable which is cat7a cable. This cable comes in different types and colors. High quaity cable that will withstand the test of time for many years to come. See why people are choosing cat7 and cat7a cable today!


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